Why Waller OT?

With more than 15 years of experience treating older adults and the Geriatric population, Eulanda knows that your physical health is based on a combination of things.                                                                              

  • Your home environment; your social support and hobbies; stress management; diet, medical and sleep routines; cognitive functioning will be reviewed.   


  • Through the use of education, exercise, movement training, hands-on treatment, and other techniques, she will work to restore you to health following injury, illness and/or chronic disease process.                              

  • A comprehensive Assessment through use of Standardized Tests will be administered for accurate identification of physical limitations. 


  • Adequate Time for your Assessment and Follow up Treatments 



  • You will be provided with a handout of an exercise program you can follow between our visits to allow you to reach your goals and maintain the progress made from the session.

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